Marginal Risk of flash flooding through Monday, strong winds and hail later today and tonight

Potential exists for one to two inches of rain in less than an hour this afternoon and, particularly, during overnight hours today and tonight in pockets of Allegany and adjoining counties, with excessive rain possibilities continuing into Monday.

National Weather Service (NWS) forecasters say the day should “start out innocent enough,” but people should be keeping an eye on the sky and being prepared to take cover as the day progresses and unsettled weather moves from west to east.

Windy conditions, possible hail, and even a small possibility of a tornado, along with the rain, are in the forecast, with today’s potential excessive rain area shown in the graphic from the NWS at Buffalo in the upper left, other severe weather conditions in the upper right, and tomorrow’s rain possibilities, from the NWS at Binghamton, in the bottom graphic accompanying this story.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for updates. Turn Around Don’t Drown, as has occurred in other locations, with as little as six inches of rapidly moving water being able to knock an individual off their feet and a 12 inches carrying away a small car.

Consider posting photos or video of any significant flooding to our Facebook page or sending it to us at by, first, BEING SAFE when doing so, and including your name, location and direction of images, and any other pertinent information.

Follow on Doppler radar
Additional details on the weather for the next seven days, including updating Doppler radar images as they relate to storms, are available through links on our exclusive Weather Resources page on our Allegany Hope Community News, Resources and Calendar website at or

Due to Allegany County’s location bordering three NYS forecast offices, Allegany Hope Weather Resources provides forecasts and other information from National Weather Services offices at Buffalo, for Allegany County west, Binghamton for Steuben County east, and State College, Pa., for Potter and McKean counties in Pennsylvania, along with regional and national data.

Additional preparedness
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Emergency alerts reporting should not be considered a substitute for immediate weather alert radio or portable instant warning devices.

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