Minimum wage increases $1 per hour in Allegany and other Upstate New York counties

An estimated 200,000 workers in Upstate New York, including Allegany County, NY, will be receiving an extra $1 per hour wage tomorrow as a result of a multi-year $15 per hour minimum wage phase-in.

The minimum wage rate for workers outside New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County, effective Saturday, December 31, will increase from $13.20 to $14.20, following a statutorily required economic analysis conducted by the New York State Division of the Budget.

In addition, home care aides will move to $16.20 per hour minimum in the same Upstate New York counties as the result of legislation which went into effect October 1 which requires that category of workers to receive a $2 per hour higher minimum wage.

An analysis indicates that 44 percent of those affected are full time workers, according to the State Labor Department and, of those, nearly 25 percent are supporting children below age 18.

It contends the increase will help close the gender pay gap, providing an estimated 110,000 women with greater financial stability.

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