More significant salary increases being rolled out for Allegany County officials

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Allegany County, NY, lawmakers, who are scheduled to vote tomorrow on a proposal to raise some department head salaries by as much as $25,000 and 25 percent annually, now are rolling out additional salary increases for county officials and non-union employee, some of which have even higher percentages.

A new resolution is included in a board packet released late this afternoon, setting 2023 salaries for dozens of positions.

The county Board of Legislators, as we reported last night, will hold a public hearing at 2PM Wednesday on changes to salaries for 19 individuals in 18 job titles which, if adopted through a local law, is subject to a public referendum upon legal petition by county residents.

At least some of the major increases appear to result from a salaries survey of a sampling of other counties undertaken by a consultant and discussed by legislators behind closed doors.

No information on that report has been released to the public.

Allegany Hope Community News filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request this morning to view a copy, but no response has yet been received.

The newest list of wage increases doesn’t require a local law or public hearing and also is on the agenda for approval tomorrow.

We have prepared a chart, which accompanies this story, of current year and 2023 proposed salaries, along with the differences in both dollars and percentages except for those relating to hourly employees.

Some of the positions are inconsistent between this year’s wage scale and next, some for unknown reasons and others due to new appointments and operational changes this year.

The total cost of the increases isn’t known due to multiple hourly employees, but totals we computed last night for the small group only were in excess of $200,000 and averaged nearly 14 percent.

The Board also has a resolution for consideration tomorrow to set a public hearing for 7PM Thursday, November 10, on a yet-unseen tentative budget for next year.

Both tomorrow’s hearing and the one next month will be held in the Board of Legislators chambers in the County Office Building at 7 Court Street, Belmont.
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