National Day of Prayer begins, with noon and evening sessions remaining in Friendship

A large representation of the What God is Doing in Friendship ny alliance of churches gathered this morning in front of Friendship Central School for its monthly prayer gathering, with the event and two additional activities today happening to coincide with National Day of Prayer (NDP) observances.

Pastor Kevin Palmiter of the Followers of the Way – Nile Community Church leads a closing prayer this morning at the Friendship Bible Baptist Church, following a free community continental breakfast as part of a National Day of Prayer observance. Earlier, the group met for monthly prayer in front of the Friendship Central School.

The group, which prayed for the school, its students, teachers, administrators, other staff, parents and caregivers and more, also highlighted the school’s Monthly Character Trait of “Empathy – the ability to understand another person’s thoughts and feelings in a situation from their point of view, rather than your own,” the monthly quality being extended and encouraged to congregations and the broader community throughout the school year.

Attendees then adjourned across the street to the Bible Baptist Church for a continental breakfast and a broader prayer time for the nation, led by Pastor Kevin Palmiter of the Followers of the Way – Nile Community Church.

Area residents have two additional opportunities to observe or participate today in prayer for the government, the military, media, business, education, churches, and families, including a holding up in prayer of attending families and family members.

A free noon luncheon gathering at the Baptist church will be led by Pastor Kirk Kirch of the United Church of Friendship, with a 6:30PM prayer time being held at the same location, facilitated by its pastor, Duane Broadwell.