National Marriage Week brings aid for those wishing to improve marriages, including those struggling

Many organizations throughout the United States have been focused on matrimony during the past week in observance of National Marriage Week which ends tomorrow with Valentine’s Day.

Free online resources, including many available through Allegany Hope’s association with RightNow Media@Work, are designed to aid in enhancing marriages, including those which may be struggling, and others which are forthcoming.

Nationally-recognized Christian authors, counselors, pastors and organizations have joined together for free provision of:

Family Life – A six-session video series on the Art of Marriage is available, with an optional book, at

Focus on the Family – Canada – A seven-session video series on marriage, including additional resources, can be accessed at

RightNow Media @Work – A multitude of free online video sessions by various authors, some which include free additional resources, not only include marriage and families, but dating, parenting, communication, conflict management, teamwork, married couples in business, faith and work, mental health and wellness, finances, and more.

Over 20,000 videos, in individual, series, and other online presentations for all ages, from children to older adults, are available through Allegany Hope’s Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy FamiliesTM focus, by sending an email to with “Subscribe – RightNow Media@Work” in the Subject line.

An invitation to the site will be provided by return email, with applicants needing to respond affirmatively for immediate, free access.

Additional free and fee-based resources related to marriage and premarriage are available on the National Marriage Week USA website at