Nearly $2.5 million in federal money flowing to Friendship and Angelica

Wednesday’s passage by the U.S. House of Representatives of a $4.6 billion partial federal budget, which has been tied up in Congressional negotiations since last fall, is signaling that nearly $2.5 million of it will be allocated to the Town of Friendship and the Allegany County Fairgrounds at Angelica.

Congressman Nick Langworthy is reporting that $2 million in federal funds from the package will be going to Friendship for improvements to its water system and another $425,850 to Allegany County for renovations to fair facilities at the nonprofit site.

The announcement is assuming that the Senate also approves the legislation and it is signed into law by President Biden before a midnight Friday federal government shutdown deadline.

In the meantime, federal lawmakers also are negotiating a second package of six pieces of legislation, including funding for the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Education, the Internal Revenue Service, and others which must be approved by Friday, March 22, to avoid a shutdown in those areas.

The total for both packages is expected to be some $1.66 trillion for the entire fiscal year, which started back on October 1.

The federal government has been operating under a series of last minute continuous resolutions while Congress wrangles over where money is to be allocated and funding is to be maintained or increased while cuts are made in other areas.

“Access to clean water is essential for public health and economic development,” Langworthy said, “and this new funding for the water system in the Town of Friendship will ensure residents have reliable access to this vital resource.

“Additionally, the investment to improve the county fairgrounds will not only enhance recreational opportunities but also promote tourism, driving economic growth in the region,” he added.