New Allegany County Governments and Services Directory link added

Allegany Hope has added a link to the new 2023 Allegany County Governments and Services Directory to this website.

The Directory, compiled by the Office of the Clerk of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, has a broad range of locally-focused listings, including government officials and contact information, from federal and state levels down to county, towns and villages, including fire departments and ambulance services.

It also contains affiliated services agencies including mental health, veterans, transportation, individual and family assistance entities including developmental disabilities and substance abuse services, and more.

Over 20 county advisory boards are listed, along with zip codes, a county map showing legislative districts, and a brief history of Allegany County.

The 55-page Directory is available at or through the link in the left column of this Allegany Hope Community News and Resources website.

If individuals are aware of other online directories or resources which might be considered for publication as resources, please forward the information to so that we might share.

Also, Share this information and help others who may be in need of assistance.

This listing supplements our exclusive Allegany Hope Weather Resources information page, also found through the link in the left column of this page.