New Allegany County resident COVID-19 death reported

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Another COVID-19 death of an Allegany County, NY, resident has been recorded despite a significant recent drop in new cases and hospitalizations.

The State Health Department reports the 163rd fatality since the start of the pandemic as having occurred over the weekend at an out-of-county hospital or other licensed facility. It provides no other information.

It was the first death this month, following three in September. There had been a two-month break in COVID deaths prior to that time.

There have been 95 deaths at licensed facilities inside the county since the start of the pandemic. The Allegany County Department of Health is reporting 97 COVID fatalities involving county residents at all in-county locations, which can include non-licensed venues such as homes, based on death certificates.

In the meantime, Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville and Cuba Memorial Hospital Inc., have had no COVID-related hospitalizations since last Tuesday, according to the state.

Olean General Hospital had six COVID hospitalizations on Monday, down from 11 going into the weekend, with St. James Hospital in Hornell having recorded two for several days.

New known COVID cases, as we reported Monday, have dropped 54 percent in the past two weeks following a September surge.

The actual number of positives, however, are unknown due to the use of home test kits, although Allegany County does capture some of the information through an online self-reporting webpage. State data shows county positives having declined back to summer levels of two months ago.

The county is continuing to request that those testing positive through self or home tests enter the information at to aid in better determination as to the number of actual cases in the county and their general locations.

County health officials, along with those statewide, are encouraging bivalent booster shots which are specifically targeting BA.4 and BA.5 COVID variants that have been the predominant strains for several months.

They also are strongly suggesting flu shots as soon as possible due to that season appearing to have started early, with suggestions that infections may be at higher levels this year.

Public clinics have been set up through the middle of November in various parts of the county, with further information, schedules and required registration at or (585) 268-9250. They also appear on the Allegany Hope Community Calendar at

Concerns have been emerging over the past week in regard to new sub-variants and potential increases in COVID cases in late fall and over the winter as new strains bypass the new bivalent boosters, although health experts report that the extra level vaccines still should aid in deflecting the virus.
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