New areas of COVID community spread break out in Allegany County

WEEKEND HEALTH ALERT: There appears to be community spread of COVID-19 cases in three new areas of Allegany County this week as residents move into weekend activities.

The Belmont zip code has experienced 10 new reported positives for the first five days of this week, compared with three in each of the last two full weeks, with six being reported Wednesday and two yesterday.

Bolivar is close behind with nine, including three Monday and two each Wednesday and Thursday, in contrast to zero two weeks ago and six for all of last week which were spread out from Tuesday through Saturday.

The Scio zip code has experienced five so far this week, including three on Sunday, compared with four two weeks ago and five for all of last week.

Wellsville continues its surge for the month, with 23 new cases, including eight Tuesday and seven Wednesday, compared with 28 positives two weeks ago which rose to 30 for all of last week.

The Alfred zip code, which had been hit with a surge in college student positives this month, has dropped to four for the first five days of this week, according to results received by Allegany Hope pursuant to its daily Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests to Allegany County, NY, government for localized data.

However, Alfred State College is reporting five new on-campus resident cases since last weekend, with nine more off-campus, which could include some positives from its Wellsville campus.

It currently is listing four on-campus isolations, along with 10 off-campus.

At Alfred University, four current on-campus cases are listed.

Off-campus college cases can either be within the county, or outside, while the county only reports county residents, creating difficulty in correlating the differing reports.

There have been six new COVID hospitalizations so far this week at Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, according to the State Health Department, with five remaining as of yesterday including one each from ages 20-to-44 and 45-to-64, with three at 75-to-84.

Cuba Memorial Hospital Inc., continues to have one COVID patient.

Reported new positives are presumed to be much less than actual numbers due to home tests, although the Allegany County Department of Health does obtain some online self-reports.

The county is continuing to request that those testing positive through self or home tests enter the information at to aid in better determination as to the number of cases in the county and their general locations.

Various online COVID-19 Trackers, information from which may not agree with each other due to different reporting time frames, are available at:
– Allegany County Daily Cases – Under COVID-19 Updates:
– New York State Department of Health COVID Tracker:
– CDC Counties COVID Tracker:
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