Notre Dame law professor inaugurates new Houghton University lecture series

A Notre Dame professor of law and political science will be the first presenter for a new lecture series at Houghton University next week.

The Katherine W. Lindley Center for Law and Constitutional Studies at Houghton will host Paolo Carozza for the inaugural Shirley A. Mullen Lecture at 7:30PM Monday, April 17, in the Willard Houghton Library on the campus at 1 Willard Avenue.

Carozza’s expertise in the areas of constitutional law, human rights and international law led to his appointment as the director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at Notre Dame where he is also the principal investigator of the University’s Constitutionalism and Rule of Law Lab.

Carozza currently serves as a member of the Oversight Board, an independent expert body created by the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and was a member of the U.S. State Department’s independent, nonpartisan, advisory Commission on Unalienable Rights.

He is slated to bring his expertise in these areas to explore the relationship between human rights and modern technologies at the Houghton public appearance.

The Shirley A. Mullen Lectureship was established to honor the dual Houghton legacies of Katherine “Kay” Lindley, a long-time professor of history and chair of the division of social science, and Shirley Mullen, the University’s president emerita.

Both were history professors who are said to have “cultivated in their students an appreciation for the importance of history for Christian liberal arts studies, for the church and for shaping lives of service in the world.”

The Lectureship will invite speakers from a range of Christian traditions who combine thoughtfulness and intellectual rigor with a spirit of hospitality and gracious civil discourse in the context of a pluralistic culture, according to the University.