NYSDEC alerts to potential fall and winter home heating issues, cites Allegany County explosion

NYSDEC photo shows home oil tank spill.

Safety should be a priority with home heating this fall and winter according to an alert today from the State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), which cited an Allegany County explosion last October.

Inspection of oil tanks and equipment should be undertaken for potential leaks or spills before receiving shipments of fuel oil for the upcoming heating season.

The Allegany County event involved natural gas piped from an unplugged “home-use well” which caused an explosion and destroyed the home.

Home-use wells are often located on or near private properties and may be connected by property owners via piping to appliances, furnaces, or other ignition sources, the NYSDEC noted.

The danger, it said, is that natural gas produced by a gas or oil well is odorless and difficult or impossible for a person to detect, with the primary component of natural gas being methane.

Information on NYSDEC warnings and recommendations is available at https://on.ny.gov/3D71P7Z.
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