‘Once in a generation storm’ is forecast to start tomorrow morning

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A “once in a generation storm,” as described by the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY, will move into the Allegany County, NY, region tomorrow morning, creating a mixture of weather components through Christmas Weekend and beyond.

Different situations are projected for this Arctic blast, depending on location, with the two National Weather Service (NWS) charts, above and below this story, providing patterns of snow, rain and then back to snow situations at Belmont in Central Allegany County for two-day periods starting at 8AM tomorrow and 8AM Saturday.

All this will be accompanied by two rounds of high winds, rapidly dropping temperatures to sub-zero wind chills starting Friday morning and continuing throughout the weekend and into at least the start of next week, and flash freezing during early morning commutes on Friday morning as rain turns to snow with dropping temperatures.

Rain is likely to have washed away residual salt on roadways and other hard surfaces as temperatures drop and precipitation turns over to snow, forecasters note, resulting in potentially very slick highways and walking areas.

To the west, from Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties, a WINTER STORM WATCH also is in effect from Friday morning through Monday morning due to lake effect snow which, combined with winds as high as 65MPH in some areas, have potential for creating whiteout conditions and power outages.

To the east, locally minor flooding is being projected by the US National Weather Service Binghamton NY.

New Weather Resources page available
The guidance charts shown are available for all local areas of home, work or travel by clicking on Hourly Weather Forecasts on the lower right side of local weather pages, found through the Search feature in the upper left corner of most NWS pages.

These links are available on Allegany Hope’s Weather Resources Page, introduced yesterday on this website at https://bit.ly/3YAlcPI.

This web page, which will be added to from time-to-time with links to both current weather and emergency preparedness education, contains information for three NWS forecast areas, along with pertinent national sites. Bookmark this page and our main website for easy reference for potential home, work or travel conditions and other reports.

Allegany County is covered by the NWS forecast center in Buffalo, with Steuben County east by the US National Weather Service Binghamton NY and Pennsylvania counties to the south by US National Weather Service State College PA, with conditions often varying widely, even in Allegany County.

Although Allegany Hope Community News focuses on Allegany County, we do provide some information for adjoining areas.

Our readers are encouraged to make themselves familiar with information contained on the Weather Resources Page, which also includes weather preparedness links for a multitude of situations.

These include those unrelated to weather which are provided by the federal Department of Homeland Security through its Ready.gov site.

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Plan now for any required travel by having car emergency kits, outdoor ventures with suitable clothing for all family members, including children, possible power outages in the midst of sub-zero temperatures, loose or unprotected outdoor objects during high winds, care of pets and other animals, care and check-ins for the elderly and disabled, and continue to monitor for updates.

Allegany Hope is a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM and provides slightly delayed weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service at Buffalo for its forecast area, which includes Allegany County, on our Facebook page, along with other weather-related and community information.

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