Online toddlers and preschool parenting classes scheduled

A seven-week online workshop for parents of toddler and preschool children ages two-to-five, is being offered, starting Monday, May 15.

The Common Sense Parenting® skills sessions are designed to set up both children and parents for success and learning how discipline can be more about teaching than punishment and positive versus negative negative responses.

Allegany County Early Childhood Development Coordinator Robin Fuller will facilitate the 5PM to 7PM sessions which will continue through June 26.

Topics will include:
— Child development – setting expectations, and different ways of nurturing children;
— Teaching children right from wrong;
— Creating more opportunities to encourage good behavior;
— Effectively teaching children better habits;
— Correcting problem behaviors;
— Giving children the time and skills needed to calm down; and
— How to develop parenting styles that will improve parent-child relationships.

In each session, trainers review the prior session, instruct parents in new skills, model strategies, and summarize the lesson. Between sessions, parents complete brief reading assignments.

Pre-registration is required no later than May 10 to ensure materials can be mailed to participants prior to the first session.

Further information and registration is available at or (585) 648-6022.