Potter County under Red Flag Alert for wildfires with Allegany and other neighbors under Elevated conditions

A RED FLAG WARNING for Potter County, Pa., east has been issued by National Weather Service (NWS) offices at State College, Pa., and Binghamton until 8PM today with the national Storm Prediction Center (SPC) providing an ELEVATED LEVEL of fire weather alert for Allegany and surrounding counties.

An AIR QUALITY ALERT of Unhealthy for Sensitive People, as we reported yesterday, also is in effect for Allegany County east until midnight today.

The SPC reports that a “highly unusual scenario supporting wildfire spread is possible today across parts of the Northeast,” with dry and breezy surface conditions and dry thunderstorms being possible this afternoon.

“Gusty, erratic winds may also accompany the storms,” it says, “further aggravating fire conditions.”

Map explained
The NWS at State College shows the “Elevated” risk in orange, and the higher “Critical” risk in red on the SPC map. The brown hatched area outlines where isolated dry thunderstorms are possible.

These are storms with lightning which have little to no rain, it explains, and are “quite rare,” in this region, usually being found in the Western United States.

“Dry thunderstorms may start fires, especially if lightning strikes drier grasses and fine fuels,” according to the NYS at State College. “Stay weather aware today!”

Further information on air quality standards is available at https://on.ny.gov/3UAyHx6, with daily map ratings at https://on.ny.gov/3GIzbvE.

Being Aware, Prepared, and Staying Safe
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