Severe weather chances from Beryl elevated for Wednesday, Heat Advisory today to the east

BREAKING: Forecast chances for severe weather have been elevated for Allegany and Southern Tier counties of New York and Northern Pennsylvania this morning, as the remnants of now Tropical Storm Beryl moves across the area Wednesday, while the National Weather Service (NWS) at Binghamton has issued a HEAT ADVISORY for Steuben County east from noon until 8PM today and the NWS at State College indicates continuing high temperatures for Pennsylvania counties.

This morning’s forecast map (top) from the NWS Weather Prediction Center shows the area of threat for heavy rain and flash flooding Wednesday, with the area in yellow also showing the potential impact zone for severe weather, as provided by the NWS Storm Prediction Center. The second map shows the HEAT ADVISORY area for today.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center has increased the risk level for severe weather tomorrow from Marginal to Slight (the second tier on a scale of five), the same rating as that which was forecast previously for the chances of excessive rain and flooding.

The primary concern for severe weather is strong to damaging wind gusts (up to 29 percent), with the chance of tornadoes at under 10 percent.

It is noted that the region experienced localized storms at both of these risk levels last month.

The NWS at Buffalo reports that while remnants of Beryl will bring “a soaking rainfall of one to two inches to most locations, there could be localized corridors of heavier rainfall that may result in flooding,” with uncertainty at this time as to the location of the areas of greatest potential.

In the meantime, the NWS at Binghamton advises that heat indices in its forecast area, which includes Steuben County east, may reach 100 degrees this afternoon, with hot temperatures and high humidity able to “cause heat illnesses, especially for the young and elderly.”

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for weather updates.

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