Spring has sprung, along with a focus on seasonal weather safety

Although it may not seem like it with this week’s forecasts, astronomical spring arrived today, along with National Weather Service (NWS) seasonal safety concerns.

Meteorologists recognize March 1 as the first day of spring, based on seasonal calendar quarters, although astronomical spring doesn’t arrive until 5:24 Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, March 20, in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

The National Weather Service publishes a series of guides for focusing on weather safety in various parts of the country at http://bit.ly/3EMyZdK.

Weather Resources page
Our exclusive Allegany County Weather Resources page at https://bit.ly/3YAlcPI on this website, or accessible through the link in the left column of this page, also provides additional resources from the NWS and Ready.gov, the latter involving all types of preparedness, including home fires, pandemics and cybersecurity potentials.

The first step is to have a plan for oneself and family members, information which can be obtained on these sites.

Allegany Hope seeks volunteers who have an interest in weather and other types of disaster preparedness to expand our coverage and community education. For further information, contact us at AlleganyHopeWNY@outlook.com or (484) 435-0503.

We are a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM and provide adverse weather and other emergency preparedness information on this website and on our new group Allegany Hope WNY Community News Facebook page at https://bit.ly/3DRdx6J.

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Emergency alerts reporting should not be considered a substitute for immediate weather alert radio or portable instant warning devices.