State sales tax on gasoline to jump back up Sunday by 16-cents per gallon

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New York State motorists, including those in Allegany County, NY, can expect to pay more at the pumps next week as the state sales tax holiday expires tomorrow night.

Cattaraugus and Monroe counties are expected to go even higher than the 16-cents per gallon state reduction which has been in effect since June 1 due to a local sales tax break in those counties also expiring at the end of the month.

Allegany County lawmakers had enacted a three-month holiday through August 31 but took no action to renew it.

Despite lesser revenues during that period, the county already has exceeded in the first part of December the total sales tax revenue estimated for next year, which is budged at $2 million more than the $23.5 million which had been projected for this year.

There are two more payments which have or will be provided to the county for December, which are expected to be at least another $2.5 million, based on last year’s receipts for the same period.

Reports indicate that actual fuel tax increases are unknown due to fuel companies, in essence, setting the prices in specific areas due to what they charge gasoline and diesel retailers. Companies have been reported to have posted record profits during the surge in oil prices.

As Allegany Hope has reported previously, gas prices have varied by as much as 20-cents per gallon at different times within just a few miles in Allegany County, and also have fluctuated up and down inconsistently among the same stations during such periods.

Motorists can obtain some indication as to price fluctuations with online reporting services such as Gas Buddy at, although data isn’t always current and prices can change within hours or less of the latest reports.
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