This is the last day of transition to our new Allegany Hope WNY Community News Facebook page

BREAKING: This is the last day that Allegany Hope will be posting to the Facebook page which we have been maintaining for several years now as we complete our transition to our new group Allegany Hope WNY Community News page at

Individuals can jump over now and “Join” the group by clicking on the button on the upper right side under our header.

Our Community News and Resources, as with this website, continue to be FREE!, with a focus on complete, reliable news stories which are unencumbered by commercial advertising.

As we have noted previously, this action has been necessitated by Facebook’s ongoing changes of late which create publishing problems which have lasted from hours to weeks.

In addition, its practices of limiting exposure of our posts in individual News Feeds and Notifications, based on criteria that only Facebook determines, provide spotty service to our more than 3,600 Followers.

Our new Facebook use approach has seen immediate benefits to our readers from our end in just a few days of transition.

We will continue to post locally-generated stories to this easier-to-read Allegany Hope Community News and Resources website, which also includes our exclusive Weather Resources page.

Snippets of stories from our website are cross-posted to our group Facebook page, with a link to the full story on this website.

In addition, stories from generally reliable media, which may be of interest to our readers but are logistically impractical to include on this website at this time, are posted to our new group Facebook page.

Again, click over now to avoid missing out on information which may be important, and “Share” this post and the new site with family members and friends to help keep them informed.

Interested individuals will continue to be able to Join our new group at any time.