Time running out on free emergency go-kits and preparedness trainings

Required registrations are closing for limited seating to obtain free emergency backpack kits this week at National Guard Citizen Preparedness Corps trainings in Houghton and Friendship.

A free go-kit is being made available to each pre-registered area household during duplicate sessions from 6:30PM to 8:30PM, Thursday, February 8, at Houghton Academy at 9790 Thayer Street, or 1:30PM to 3:30PM Saturday, February 10, at Friendship Bible Baptist Church, 43 West Main Street.

The activities, coordinated by Allegany Hope Community News, Houghton Academy and the What God is Doing in Friendship ny alliance of churches, will provide information on how to help protect oneself, family members, and others from all types of disaster situations, such as fires, floods, winter and summer storms, and other natural and man-made occurrences, through awareness, proper preparation and response.

Organizers say the trainings are particularly valuable in preparing for events such as the power outages which occurred last month and last year, with the backpacks able to be carried in the trunks of vehicles or stored in a corner of a closet near an outside door for quick retrieval.

The free go-kits include emergency items such as a first aid kit, flashlight, AM/FM radio, batteries, glow stick, emergency food and water, water containers, plastic coverings, work gloves, Duct tape and more.

Required registration for limited seating is available:
– Online at https://bit.ly/3vsSF4A for the Houghton event, or https://bit.ly/47qxJbq for Friendship,
– At the Friendship Free Library, 44 West Main Street, or
– By contacting Allegany Hope, a national Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM, at (585) 664-9989.

Those who wish to attend either of the free sessions should register as soon as possible to help ensure a seat for each attendee and a backpack kit for each household.