Unhealthy air quality continues today, showers and thunderstorms possible through July 4th

BREAKING: The air quality index already is in the lower Unhealthy range today for central Allegany County with an alert issued through midnight, temperatures are forecast to rise into the mid-80s today and reach to the 80s range through July 4th, and showers and thunderstorms, some of them Saturday afternoon and evening having potential for localized flooding and damaging winds, continuing through Independence Day.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM by staying inside as much as possible today to protect against Canadian fire particles and continuing to monitor throughout the next several days for air quality and severe weather as the forecast can change during the day as one is traveling even into the next counties.

Our exclusive Weather Resources page, shown in the left column of this page or available at https://bit.ly/3YAlcPI, provides links to detail, including Doppler radar, for weather conditions and projections over the next seven days locally and throughout the nation. This includes data such as that accompanying this story which is part of the Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS).

The graphic below shows the air quality patterns for the past 24 hours, with the rating at 6AM today and through the night having been in the lower Unhealthy range for the general population. Orange is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups and Yellow is Moderate air quality risk.

Additional preparedness
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