Up-and-down temperatures to bring heavy rain, accumulating snow, starting Saturday night

A mixture of weather is forecast into next week as heavy precipitation, combined with fluctuating temperatures, transition from a warm, mostly cloudy, environment in Allegany County today into heavy rain tonight and Sunday, to accumulating snow Sunday night and Monday, intensifying to the east.

Temperatures in the mid-50s today, with cloudy skies, will turn to rain tonight, with thunderstorms possible around midnight. Heavy rain, according to forecasters, will set in for Sunday, with creeks and rivers rising and localized poor drainage and urban flooding possible to the east of Allegany County.

The rain is projected to turn to accumulating snow Sunday night and Monday, as temperatures drop, with two-to-three inches currently anticipated over the 24-hour period shown on the map inset accompanying this story, varying from lower to higher elevations. Gusty winds of 30 to 40MPH Sunday night and Monday could knock down a few trees and wires in Steuben County east.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and monitor for updates, with Doppler radar, showing the path of precipitation movements, available through an interactive map at https://bit.ly/3xyTULH.

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Allegany Hope is a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM and due to the county’s location being in or bordering three NYS forecast offices, we provide forecast and other information from National Weather Services stations at Buffalo, for Allegany County west, Binghamton for Steuben County east, and State College, Pa., for Potter and McKean counties in Pennsylvania, along with regional and national data.

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