Up and down weather for today, with greatest tornado threat across Western Southern Tier

WEATHER ALERT UPDATE: The National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo is projecting “several rounds of showers and thunderstorms today and tonight,” with the main severe threat being damaging wind gusts, although large hail and a tornado or two, particularly in the Western Southern Tier counties, which includes Allegany, being possible.

A NWS Storm Prediction Center graphic, shown above, describes Western New York being under a Slight Risk of severe weather, which actually is the second level of designations, but with an Enhanced Risk in nearby Ohio.

Due to potential for changes during the day, Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor and not be lulled by breaks in the waves of potential storms. Keep cell phones charged, be prepared for potential power outages similar or greater than storms this past weekend, and secure loose objects which could be blown about.

Modified map from the NWS Weather Prediction Center shows potential for excessive rain today in Allegany and adjoining counties.

The NYS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) also is projecting a Marginal Risk for localized excessive rainfall today, as shown on the second graphic accompanying this story.

An important description of the severe storm designation levels and their potential impacts on residents is provided in our earlier story this morning.

Forecast discussion from the NWS Buffalo says there still is some uncertainty as to the exact timing of several rounds of today’s storms, but there is confidence in near record warmth today, frequent dry periods punctuated by “several rounds” of storms, breezy conditions accented by wind gusts, and strong to possibly severe storms late in the day into the nighttime hours.

More detail for the region
Additional information, including winds and precipitation timing for specific locations in Allegany and each adjoining county, provided by the three National Weather Service (NWS) forecast centers serving different parts of the area, is available through our exclusive Weather Resources page links at https://bit.ly/3YAlcPI or by using the link in the left column of this page.

Forecasts for the remainder and into next week also are provided in this resource.

Ongoing weather preparedness information
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