Veterans Day recognitions and benefits this weekend

What’s open, what’s closed, where are observances, and what benefits are being provided for veterans and active service members all come to the forefront this weekend with Veterans Day falling on a Saturday this year.

Many government offices and operations are closed today, although mail delivery continued and most banks remained open. Allegany County refuse transfer stations, however, will close Saturday.

Veterans Day observances are scheduled, primarily at 11AM Saturday in many municipalities, particularly those with veterans organization posts, commemorating the armistice which occurred on “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month,” which suspended active hostilities and effectively ended the First World War.

For veterans, active duty personnel and, sometimes, spouses and families, free meals and other benefits, such as coffee, donuts and other items, are available at eateries, particularly those of national and regional chains. Some, however, due to active weekend business, have moved these to today or another day of the week.

Some other businesses also provide discounts as high as 25 percent for the day and up to a full week.

New York State holds its last Free Fishing Day of the year on Saturday for all individuals, with Gov. Kathy Hochul also announcing her signature on seven pieces of new legislation which are said to provide additional benefits to veterans.

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