Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

Allegany Hope is a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM, through an initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is designed to strengthen partnerships with external organizations toward building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather and water events, such as flooding.

This effort is consistent with an Allegany Hope’s focus on public health and safety, along with many other associated activities affecting all ages as they relate to Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy FamiliesTM.

We encourage individuals and families to help one another by becoming involved with our free community information Ambassador initiative for spreading the word about prevention and preparedness for all types of issues.

In its service as a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM, Allegany Hope provides slightly delayed weather alerts directly from the @US National Weather Service at Buffalo on our Facebook page, along with other weather-related and community information for Allegany and neighboring counties.

Such alerts should not be considered a substitute for a weather alert radio or a portable instant warning device. “Like” and “Share” our Facebook Page and applicable posts with family members and friends to help keep them informed.

Additional information on Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorsTM is available at, with the importance of being a Weather-Ready Nation at

Find out more about how you can help yourself, your family and friends by creating a safer environment and Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy FamiliesTM by contacting us at or (484) 435-0503.