Wellsville couple gifts state of the art neonatal equipment to Jones Memorial Hospital

A Wellsville pediatrician and his wife have provided a state of the art, all-in-one neonatal unit to Jones Memorial Hospital which takes the place of several separate pieces of equipment, creating a more efficient and operator-friendly medical care environment.

Dr. Zahi Kassas; Kari Zwiefka, Jones Memorial Hospital director of surgical services; and Amanda Green, director of maternal health, examine new Panda Warmer.

Dr. Zahi and Rayana Kassas gifted a new Panda Warmer, which takes the place of a radiant warmer, resuscitation equipment, a scale, and monitors for tracking a baby’s vital signs when a newborn needs care in the operating room.

The new equipment comes with a pulse oximeter, oxygen blender, monitoring gauges, suction and an integrated scale, according to hospital officials.

“The Panda warmer assists the staff in getting emergent cases from obstetrics to the operating room faster, with less equipment to take downstairs,” explains Amanda Green, director of maternal health.

She noted that there are approximately 140 C-Section deliveries each year at the hospital, with the warmer now being used for each one.

Once the renovations to the operating room are complete, she said, the unit twill be housed in a dedicated space in one of the operating rooms, which will allow the Panda to be connected to a permanent oxygen source rather than a tank.