Wind Advisory is over but gusts to around 30 possible, higher to the east

The Wind Advisory, in effect overnight for Allegany County and surrounding areas, has expired, but wind gusts up to 30MPH still are possible through noontime.

Westerly gusts of 30MPH-40MPH are forecast today for Steuben County east, with some potential for snapped tree limbs and isolated power outages. No power outages are being reported as of this hour in Allegany and surround counties.

The highest recorded wind gusts, reported by the National Weather Service at Buffalo were 47 at 1:46AM at the Wellsville Airport, 59 at 3:35AM at Warsaw, 56 at 1:44AM at the Buffalo Airport, and 53 at 1:24AM at the Rochester Airport.

Temperatures have dropped from overnight highs and will continue Saturday, with a chance of snow showers today, before warming back up into the 40s on Sunday and early next week.

Forecast information for specific areas of the region, including contact and tracking information for power outages, is available through Allegany Hope’s exclusive Weather Resources page at on this website, or through the link in the left column of this page.
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