Windchills stabilizing at sub-zero temperatures as power outages increase

WINTER STORM UPDATE #6: Air temperatures across Allegany County, NY, are starting to stabilize in the single digits for the evening and nighttime hours, with sub-zero wind chills in the -15 degrees range. Over 200 power outages in northern sectors of the county are reversing prior gains.

The Wellsville Airport also appears to be reversing temperatures from this afternoon, which are sinking lower, as they show Allegany County continuing its position at or near the lowest temperatures among other airports in Western and Central New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

The National Weather Service (NWS) chart for the airport this afternoon, along with a second which shows its ranking among others, accompanies this story.

In the meantime, the 100-plus power outages earlier today among the three utilities serving the county now have jumped above 200 at this writing, as new interruptions have been recorded among Rochester Gas and Electric customers in Rushford, with some 140, and Caneadea at 70.

The Town of Birdsall still has 24 out of 28 New York State Electric and Gas power breaks in the county, with a handful in the Town of Centerville among National Grid customers.

The Allegany County Office of Emergency Management reported earlier that what it now is terming an overnight shelter at Genesee Valley Central School at Belmont, along with all warming centers in the county are closed due to “everything being back to normal now.”

Allegany County continues under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY until 7PM tomorrow, with the WIND CHILL WARNING to the east and south having been reduced to a WIND CHILL ADVISORY until various times Sunday morning.

WINTER STORM and BLIZZARD WARNINGS are continuing to the west.

Be Aware. Be Prepared, Stay Safe.TM, and continue to monitor for updates.

Wind gusts are projected to continue in the county until tomorrow night, with positive windchill temperatures not expected to be reached until noontime Monday.

Full weather details for individual locations and the region are available through our new, exclusive Allegany Hope Weather Resources Page at, which also includes links for information from neighboring counties through three different National Weather Service forecast offices which serve such areas.
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