Winds already gusting this morning as Weather Advisory remains in effect for Allegany County

BREAKING: Winds already have gusted to 35MPH at the Wellsville Airport this morning as a WIND ADVISORY remains in effect through 1AM Thursday and gusts are expected to exceed 45MPH in eastern parts of Allegany County, NY, during late morning hours today.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY also is in effect for Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties west from 4PM this afternoon to 1PM Thursday.

Current winds from the south are forecast to be replaced by those from the west this morning as a cold front passes through the area.

Gusts, with rain, are expected to hit 40MPH in most of the county late this morning, according to forecasters, as shown on the map from the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY which accompanies this story, but are expected to range between 45MPH and 50MPH in eastern portions shown.

Winds will continue to be strong, with gusts above 30MPH until after noon Thursday, according to current projections, with the highest gusts being this afternoon in Steuben County east as the cold front moves in that direction.

Temperatures will drop accordingly, from the high 40s this morning to around freezing by early evening in Allegany County, but wind chills will be a dozen degrees lower this afternoon, reaching the low digits overnight.

Rain during the day will transition to snow, with one-to-three inches forecast overnight, depending on location within the county, as shown on our map inset from the US National Weather Service State College PA.

Tree limbs could be blown down and a few isolated power outages may result, according to the National Weather Service (NWS), as it also notes the need for “extra caution when driving, especially if operating a high profile vehicle.”

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for any updates.

Further information is available at for the NWS Buffalo forecast region, for Steuben and counties to the east, and for adjoining Pennsylvania counties.

Separate snow and ice forecasts for Allegany County and the rest of Western New York are available at, for Steuben County east at, and Pennsylvania counties to the south at

Local weather forecasts for specific areas are accessible through the Search feature in the upper left corner of most NWS pages, with Hourly Weather Forecasts, which project event timing throughout the day, found on the lower right side of local pages.

Progression of storms can be tracked interactively via a zoomable NWS Doppler radar site at

Previews of weather components over the next seven days are available at, with Steuben County east at, and Pennsylvania counties to the south at

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