Winter Weather Advisory issued for Allegany and adjoining New York counties

National Weather Prediction Center map from the National Weather Service (top) shows areas of greatest potential for accumulating snow tomorrow, with bottom graphic portraying counties under Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Watches.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY now has been issued for Allegany and surrounding New York counties for Wednesday, with a WINTER STORM WATCH continuing for Potter County in Pennsylvania.

A storm moving in from the southwest has created National Weather Service (NWS) alerts from 4AM to 7PM for adjoining Pennsylvania counties, with Advisories from 7AM to 10PM tomorrow as precipitation moves northeast into New York.

The NWS at Buffalo hasn’t yet posted estimated snow and ice total maps at this writing for its forecast area which includes Allegany County, but it is indicating snow at the onset, turning to sleet, freezing rain and rain as temperatures warm in late afternoon, and then turning back to snow overnight. Roads may be slippery for the evening commute.

Wind gusts of more than 30MPH are possible between noontime and midnight Wednesday, with two to four inches of snow and potential for a few hundredths of an inch of ice.

Steuben County east, along with Pennsylvania counties, are expecting more snow and less ice.

Additional information for specific areas, including links to timing, maps of snow amounts for other forecast areas, and more, is available on our exclusive Allegany County Weather Resources page at on this website or through the link in the left column of this page.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for updates.
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